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Citronelle Motor Vehicle Injury Attorneys

Car Accident Injury lawyers

Suffering from injuries caused by a severe motor vehicle accident can drastically change your life. You will have to deal with the pain, loss, and damages stemming from your injuries. Recovery will be long and challenging. That is why you need the legal expertise of Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers to ensure that you will receive the compensation that you will need for your healing and recovery. We will be right by your side to navigate through complex legal processes and protect your interests.

You will need legal guidance and support when dealing with insurance companies especially when you’ve been involved in a truck accident, car accident, motorcycle accident, or any type of motor vehicle accident. Recovering from serious injury or even loss will require time and compensation.

We at Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers put your welfare and interests at the top of our priorities. As your trusted Citronelle personal injury law firm, our dedication and commitment to our clients are the foundation of our practice. We only offer the highest quality of service and support in and out of the court.

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers can help his clients find affordable medical care for their injuries if needed.

Our experts at Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers are fearless in seeking justice and fair compensation that you genuinely deserve whether you are going against individuals, private corporations, insurance companies, or other entities.

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Aggressive, Dedicated Accident Attorneys

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers’s motor vehicle accident attorneys are ready to give you full support in your personal injury legal matters, and we do this with sound legal counsel, a detailed examination of your case to determine responsibility, and extensive research on local, state, as well as federal laws.

Quite a number of accidents have negligence as a contributor in one way or another. The most common types of accidents that involve the negligence of a person other than yourself include:

  • Speeding/Reckless Driving AccidentsRecklessness on the road including speeding, ignorance of traffic laws, and aggressive driving is one of the leading root causes of car accidents every year. More than 9,000 deaths were recorded due to car accidents in 2017 alone. We at Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers know very well the suffering and pain that victims go through due to car accidents that they did not cause. Our legal guidance and support will help you through each step of filing personal injury claims against responsible parties.
  • Drunk Driving AccidentsMore than 30 people are victims of drunk driving accidents every day in the United States. A person under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is a danger on the road not only to themselves but to everyone on the road. Controlling a piece of machinery like a car is more difficult with impaired senses and slow reaction which increases the possibility of fatal car accidents. When you file against drunk drivers, Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers will ensure that we examine every police and medical reports to analyze the event to build a strong case.
  • Distracted Driver Accidents – Devices like mobile phones with their constant notifications are major causes of distraction for drivers. Calling, texting, and using social media while on the road increases the likelihood of car accidents. When you are in this situation, we at Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers will investigate all aspects of the events including reviewing police records, eyewitness testimonies, phone records, and even social media activities.
  • Automotive DefectsWhile not as common as the previous items on this list, defective cars contribute to many car accident injuries here in Citronelle, AL. Any defects like poor brakes, tires, and airbags can contribute to injuries sustained during a car accident. Our expert lawyers at Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers will carefully examine the impact of defective car parts on the accident. We will hold the car manufacturer accountable if we find that issues with the car are major contributors to the crash.
  • Dangerous Road ConditionsThey may seem minor and negligible, but slippery roads, cracks, potholes, and uneven grading can cause serious car accidents especially on bad weather conditions. Victims of such accidents often find it hard to fight cases caused by private companies or government agencies who are responsible for road safety. Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers provides legal representation against these entities so they can be held accountable.

We at Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers is dedicated and committed to representing your interests against people, government agencies, private companies or other entities that caused your suffering and pain. Being involved in a hit-and-run accident, bicycle accident, car accident, etc., is a life-changing situation where you will need the best personal injury legal representative to seek justice and fair compensation that you deserve.

What To Do When You Are Injured

whiplash after automobile accident

Our team of accomplished legal experts at Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers has successfully handled legal matters involving personal injuries. We make every effort to get our clients the compensation that they require for medical expenses, family support, property loss, and damages.

As a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases, Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers has a tried-and-tested process when faced with motor vehicle accidents:

  1. Seek Medical Treatment Prioritize your medical needs during accidents. Identify and describe each pain, ache, or symptoms whether you consider them irrelevant or minor. Provide as much detail as possible not only for your treatment but for your medical records as well.
  2. Hire an AttorneyHandling legal matters alone are stressful enough. Doing this while recovering from a serious injury is near impossible. Seek the expertise of Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers and participate in our Free Consultations and Free Case Reviews. Our personal injury attorneys will aggressively seek all means to protect your interests. Through our sound legal advice, expert insight, and detailed guidance, we will get you the justice and compensation that you need to begin your healing process.
  3. Build the CaseAlabama Personal Injury Lawyers will ensure that you have a strong case against the at-fault party. We will determine the best compensation that you need through detailed investigations, gathering police and medical reports, and analyzing relevant information related to the accident.
  4. CommunicationBecause you are our top priority, we will make sure that we are in contact through each step of the process. You will know precisely where we are in the case and its current status. Our legal experts will ensure that you understand each aspect of the case and what we can do to improve your chance of a successful resolution. Our monthly reviews will keep you updated and knowledgeable.
  5. SettlementWe will prepare the settlement demand by compiling all pertinent details and documents such as medical records, billing information, lost wages, and more. Our attorneys will discuss the request with you and ensure that all losses are accounted for. Once agreed, we will present this demand to the defense lawyer or claims adjuster. We will handle the negotiations until we can submit a final offer to you where you will decide to accept or reject it.
  6. Injury LawsuitIdeally, your claims should be settled outside the court to minimize the stress. However, in cases that we need to fight in the courtroom, our experienced lawyers at Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers will aggressively defend you and your interests to maximize the compensation package and minimize the court time.
  7. Post-SettlementOnce the lawsuit is found in your favor or a settlement is reached, your funds will be settled according to the agreement. It will be deposited into a trust account before disbursement. Once all the bills have been paid at negotiated and reduced rates, you will receive the final settlement check.

If you, your family, or a loved one is a victim of a motorcycle accident, truck accident, car accident, or any other motor vehicle accident because of the negligence of another person or entity, Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers and our strong team of experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys are here for you.

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Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers is the Citronelle automobile accident injury law firm that will finally put your mind at ease. We are ready to fight any individuals, corporations, companies, and even government bodies to get the compensation that you deserve. You cannot afford to wait.

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